Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Vega

Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Vega is an illustrator, painter, and animator. He is also a street artist who works under the guise Darm Darm. A man of many monikers, he also goes by BOW, Nacho Oliver, and Detective Bo Bo. When asked about all the names, he responded, “Different projects take on different alias.” Darm Darm is crude, rough, creepy, yet cute. Whereas Nacho Oliver is more pure, light hearted, and playful. It adds to the creative embodiment of whatever medium I am working on.”   He directs music videos featured on Youtube, Vimeo, and MTV Portugal and Spain. He has had his mural work shown on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Featured was a food truck he painted for, Top Chef, Paul Qui of Austin Texas. He has had featured work in the Austin East Side Studio Tours and Capitol Hill Art walk.  He has also done Art Installations for SXSW, Summit Hill Block Party, Fisherman Fall Festival, and Galex Z Fair.    Lately, he has been working on personalized animations for clients to post on Instagram of people and their dogs under the nickname @nacho_oliver_ig His most recent job was a birthday present for QVC’s own Lori Goldstein. He is currently working on his first animated short, “The Deplorable Existence of Monster Mt. vs Dream Hernandez”. Hopefully coming soon to a film festival near you!   Bradley went to St. Edwards University in Austin Texas, where he has Bachelors in Fine Arts. He is currently engaged and expecting to be a new daddy! He is ecstatic and bursting with love at the moment.

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Bradley Oliver Wilkinson Vega's Store

Borzoi Heart T-shirt
Borzoi Heart
by Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Vega