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Sid & Nancy on my front verandah...
Sid & Nancy on my front verandah...
This painting is about a pair of bluetongues who have taken up residence in an old sculpture I have rusting in a forgotten corner of the garden. Sid is bloody huge - he is the length and breadth of my forearm. Nancy must the brains of the operation cos she decides where to hunt bugs and grubblets.
I went hunting balga resin today and I got the best haul of my career. I also decided to take the dogs. Apparently neither of them are bush dogs and the smaller one kept trying to get up into my lap, which is kinda cute except she is 20kg and I was arse up under a grass tree trying to avoid snakes and spiders while digging up the resin with my hands. Still I got two bags worth and the dogs had a good walk! For the urbexing fans I found an abandoned car almost completely grown over - check the reserve next to Hamilton High School in WA.