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I have thought about what to say in an artist statement for a long time. And it always comes back to why do I do what I do and why do I do it in that medium. The problem is that I work in different mediums, so I struggle to answer that part, but I finally have an answer.

My work all about texture, color and use of space. When I work it is all about creating a sense of depth. I find textures fascinating and endlessly engaging. They create a sense of depth that makes you want to feel the painting. Even if the texture is implied and not actual. Textures are this structure that for me makes a piece feel whole. I have never been one to deal with imagery as a flat structure. There always has to be a sense of texture; a paint drip, a splatter, paint stroke, cross hatching, etc.

When I work I like to use all of the space. Fill it with something; texture, color, anything. I have also been that way. I like to use the whole page and let your imagination go to the edges of the piece and explore and take time with it and see new things the more you look.

When I use color it is an intuitive process for me. I think of color as an expression and I can feel when the colors need to be balanced or unbalanced to create a certain feeling. I am not shy with colors and love the idea of adding bright colors to balance out more muted color.

As an abstract painter I want the viewer to see their own imagery. I don’t want to tell the viewer what to see. I want them to interpret it the way they want to see it.

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