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About David zobel

Why do I paint? Why do I draw? Why do design? Simply put, because it’s fun, it makes me smile, and I love the challenge.

I paint simply because it is fun. The medium I am using, spray paint, makes it fun, makes it bright, makes it somewhat random and I love every minute of it. My paintings don’t have deep-seated messages or complex thoughts; they are fun, they are bright, and above all they are an extension of me.

I draw because it make me smile. When I am drawing I really truly am smiling. Whether it is a doodle, a complex drawing, or monsters, I am smiling. If I’m not smiling while I am drawing I am doing something wrong. When I am drawing I am free to do what I want, I am the one that is making the decisions and that is what makes me smile. I can make something complex or I can make it silly and draw a monster.

I design because I love every stage of it. I love the challenge of what the client is looking for. What does the client want? How do they want it? And, how am I going to do this? There is an immense challenge to that and I love it. I love asking the what ifs: What if I changed the type? What if I changed the size? What if.....?

This is what drives me to design - the possibilities. My motivation as an artist, illustrator, and designer? Fun, Smiles, and Love.
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