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For The Birds
For The Birds
EclectixOnline Vol. 2 presents "For The Birds", an online group exhibition. Featuring bird themed and related art, some new, some old but all are finely feathered pieces.
For your spring inspiration...
Chris Buzelli, Caia Koopman, Jim Mullan, Katie McCann, Rhett Podersoo, John Howard, Amy Kollar Anderson, Derek McKindles, Ryan McJunkin, Nathan Ota, Christopher Register, Edith Lebeau, Audrey Canales, Ernst Haeckel, Amanda Lockwood, Jason Limon, Petrushka, Anne Faith Nicholls, Anthony Pontius, Dan Quintana,Leontine May Greenberg, Genevive Zacconi, Amber Alexander, Esao, Elizabeth Caffey, Michelle Waters, Betsy Barnum, Colette Calascione, Lisel Ashlock, Kyme Chan, Scott Musgrove, Laura Cesari,Caryn Drexl, Kmndz, Peter Tonningsen