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Bought + Spent
Bought + Spent
Process Quilt Series: Bought + Spent
53" x 45"
blister packaging, found objects, thread, brown paper, plastic bags, twist ties

Consumerism, exploitation, and the degradation of place destroy community. This leads to isolation, loneliness, and less meaning in our lives. My sense of place can be defined through my collections of found objects—all of which represent an experience.

The awareness I have of the waste my family and I generate creates a daily battle to be eco-friendly in a society that makes sustainability a difficult goal. In a way, I collect objects in order to cope—feeling compelled to find another use for them, explore their hidden potential, or discover treasures that others overlook.

To express these efforts within a quilt framework emphasizes the importance of family and community comfort in our society of waste. People buy so many things searching for comfort, but rarely find comfort from things. The process of collecting, thinking, obsessing, changing, and evolving are discernible in the concepts, stitching, writing, quilting, and making of the artworks.
Entry  3 Bought and Spent D

Entry 3 Bought and Spent D

Entry  3 Bought and Spent F

Entry 3 Bought and Spent F