Young Daniel Cant

whats up, my name is dan eells. born and raised in south philadelphia. i recieved my BFA in printmaking from tyler school of art/temple university in 2007. with all bullshit aside... all i try and do is make shit look cool. its not easy to make your art appeal to everyone that sees it, but i believe that what im creating is beautiful and has some sort of underlying meaning. i like to think im creating a story and you(the viewer) get to see a little piece of my brain, thoughts and vision with the imagery i find and words i choose to put together. for more info you can find me at OR .thanks and enjoy. insta@ eellsone

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Andy Vj4_Print Curtains by Young Daniel Cant

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W3 Window Curtains
by Young Daniel Cant
The Illest Window Curtains
by Young Daniel Cant