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About El Diván Azul {Beatriz}

{ We get lost among big things, without noticing the beauty of little things: a sweet look, a smile on the bus, a drop of water over a leaf… Details makes that one day were different to another }

“El Diván Azul” is born with the aim of show you the beauty which is hidden among little things. I want to share my way of watching this world. Behind this project it’s me, Beatriz, a photographer established in Andalucía, Spain.

Please visit my blog { www.eldivanazul.com }
my facebook { http://www.facebook.com/Eldivanazul }
and my web { http://www.wix.com/eldivanazul/eldivanazul }
El Diván Azul {Beatriz} joined Society6 on April 26, 2012. Verified on April 26, 2012.