About Elisa Wikey

Elisa Wikey has been drawing for books since the first grade, when she authored and illustrated her first story about a gopher talent show. It had the subtitle “Gopher the Limelight.” She thought this was very clever.

Now based in the funky weird city of Austin, TX, Elisa’s portfolio has evolved beyond just books to include a variety of creative endeavors like web comics, prints, assemblage, and graphic design. Her work is influenced by picture books, Lowbrow, Americana, any culture with a bad attitude, and has been most often described as ‘HA! That’s funny!’ It’s also been said to flirt with a dangerous sense of humor and is fun to look at by children aged 1 to 67.2, the average life expectancy in the world today.

You can contact Elisa through any number of the social networking sites listed on this site. Or:

c: 408.203.4667
e: elisawikey@gmail.com
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