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Janet had heard of the pandemic spreading. She'd always assumed her parents would be helping her against the ravenous neighbours, not the other way around. Gingivitis Margaret, from number seven and sweet old Mr Bath from number four paced Janet’s living room as her front door rattled. Scratches and moans sounded through the mottled glass panel.
‘Was it something they ate?’ Margaret breathed into Janet’s face.
‘No,’ Janet’s top lip curled, ‘they were bitten.’
‘By an insect?’
‘Haven’t you been watching the news?’ Mr Bath gritted his teeth.
‘No need to take that tone with me you old cripple.’
Through the front door's glass Janet could make out the purple of her Mum's top and her Dad's red shirt. Her eyes swamped up.
‘Mum? Dad? Please stop.’ Moans and bangs replied.
Mr bath and Margaret continued to argue.
‘At least I’m in good shape for my age. You’re fatter than number nine’s cat,' said Mr Bath.
‘How dare you. That cat can’t even move.’
Janet turned her ear to the door and pressed her cheek against it. Her parents had stopped making noises. Not even the shuffling of feet or the sound of their wind chime. She pushed her ear flatter against it, but only the insipid remarks came from behind her. She scrunched up her eyes and started to turn to shout at her neighbours, when the loud smashing of glass burst into her ear. A hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head out of the door. She felt the blunt pain of teeth digging into her scalp and screamed.

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