About Fiction Design

- My name is Adam Lambert and I am Fiction Design.
- I am based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, but take my work with me wherever I go.
- My passions are music and art.
- When i'm not drawing or playing music, I'm usually starving myself of sleep and/or watching movies.
- I hate most raw vegetables, but cook them and I'll probably eat them.
- Love the smell of coffee, hate the taste.
- I love anything to do with zombies.
- DESERT ISLAND KIT - iPod, Bass guitar, Coke Zero, Pocket Knife, Chapstick and my Darth Vader helmet
- ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE KIT - Rifle, Hand gun, Hatchet, Flares, Canned goods, Original Star Wars trilogy, photos of family/friends, List of personal info.................................and my Darth Vader Helmet.

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