Feature at Tshirtgroove
Here's an interview about my shirts from the good people over at the t-shrit blog Tshirtgroove (http://tshirtgroove.com/nick-heazell-...interview/)
How did you get into t-shirt design?

Well I studied in illustration/design years ago and what with life getting in the way never really had much creative outlets with my career. Though that’s changed a bit the last few years.

Anyway, someone showed me Redbubble where they had bought an iPhone case and I checked it out. 1 of my early pieces was “Don’t Mention the War!!” a Fawlty Towers t-shirt that did pretty well and continues to, to this day. From that glimmer of success I just carried on and can’t say it’s been blockbuster but not too shabby either.

Are you a full time designer?

Ha! By no means. I work 9-5 and have a daughter under 3, so very very spare time designing. My wife probably thinks a little too much still ;)"

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