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About Fitacola

Fitacola is a handmade collage project by Graça Santos and Carlos Quitério.

We are a duo of collage artists who loves cut paper collage, the mixing and taping of old and new references, and mostly, creating new ideas and concepts from all kinds of images, magazines, books and papers in general.

Our work supplies come, mostly, from flea-markets, second hand stores, or even from our friends. We love "playing" with all these resources and information and make some sort of aesthetic sense out of these random pieces of paper.

We started making collages together in 2006. Today we work with a wide variety of medias and supports, in many different projects: From the original creative art works to the illustration ones; from cut paper to digital. From animated collage projects to fine-arts installations and exhibitions.

We do what we Love!

Follow us at http://fitacola.com

Fitacola joined Society6 on May 11, 2010.