About Five Sixteenths Prints

Hello! I'm Moe, the blogger, designer, & creator behind the Five Sixteenths Brand. My work her on Society6 deals with motivation & inspiration. As I go through life I form strong attachments with song lyrics, quotes, and sayings. I am known for having a mirror covered in sticky notes with inspiration scribbled across each yellow adhesive page.

If you are interested in a custom design, would like a state poster with your state name, or would like to drop me a hello please contact me at fivesixteenthsblog@gmail.com.

You can find & follow me here:
blog - http://www.fivesixteenthsblog.com
portfolio site with assorted works - http://www.mhoward-art.blogspot.com
twitter - http://www.twitter.com/fivesixteenths
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/fivesixteenths
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