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About John Gerrard

I’ve been making art in some way or another since I was a teenager, but have been painting for a while now as it’s where I feel most at home creatively. Art for me is an escape from the world of words, which are a source of anxiety for me. In the world of paint things can be messy and open without a direct point, and I feel a great comfort in that. I’m not a religious man, but painting is almost a spiritual activity for me, or at the very least intuitive and automatic. When I’m not painting, I like watching and learning. I’m a big fan of science, maybe because it’s so hard for me to understand, so there’s a fascination there. I’d rather talk ideas then float around with small talk. That being said, I love the less intellectual side of life in the form of NBA basketball and “bad” sitcoms. Anyways, thanks for reading and please drop me a line if you feel so inclined.

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