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About Gabriele Perici

Gabriele Perici was born on August 31st, 1965 in New York City, though spent half his youth growing up in Italy. Having aspirations of becoming one of the great masters of his time, he received a degree from Rome University for contemporary painting and restoration. After the loss of his mother and experiencing some turbulent years, Gabriele left Italy and returned to the states.

In Miami he completed some courses in Cinema animation on film making while working as an art director in many films and music videos. Realizing the demanding work schedule in that industry left him little time for his true passion for painting. He then decided to sacrifice all that kept him from accomplishing his dream. Through his many trials and tribulations Gabriele has found the inner peace and happiness his soul inspires him to paint. Since then Gabriele has exhibited in New York City, Miami, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Milan.

In his many travels around the globe and inspired by his surroundings, he has come embody the surrealistic style that has been captivating art collectors around the world.

Currently Gabriele lives in New York, where you can find him painting amongst his sketches and canvas’s while enjoying a glass of Vino.
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