About Gary Andrew Clarke


Gary Andrew Clarke lives & works in Manchester England. He studied graphic arts and spent subsequently years working within the music industry for a number of major and independent bands (including Radiohead, Portishead & Badly Drawn Boy) .

In the late 2000s he began producing graphic prints & paintings. His work became international noticed in 2009, with a series of work based on well-known works of art reduced down to a simple grid of coloured circles. These have been reproduced in many of the leading design and art blogs. His version of the Mona Lisa, from the series, is on the wall of Twitter's London HQ.

His graphic print work is featured prominently in the best-selling books Print & Pattern 2 (2011) & Print & Pattern - Geometric (2015), both by Bowie Style.

His prints & paintings have been exhibited in Manchester, London & various other cities in Europe.

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