Hello there! My name is Kristi and I live in the Sunshine State. Central Florida to be exact, we're a different kind of people in these here parts. I want to be an artist when I grow up, whenever that'll be. I won't hold my breath but in the meantime, I plan to keep practising. I do graphic design and traditional art, currently, my favorite mediums are Sharpie markers and watercolors. As a Gemini, this is subject to change. We're a fickle lot, us Gemini's. I like doing spiritual art, especially Pagan, witch or Wiccan art, and goddesses. I love drawing me some bare breasted goddesses. So, if you like my work, buy some stuff! Or check out my links below.

Sending you all love & light. Every single last damn one of you.

)O( Kristi//Gemini Moon

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