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Atelier Chesterfield (Day 11)
Atelier Chesterfield (Day 11)
This drawing is for day 11. I can not believe how expensive this couch is. It would take me over 16 years of drawing a couch a day to be able to afford it. Sadly it is also my favorite. Maybe I can find something like it for a bargain…

Buy this drawing on etsy for 1$

Goal: Buy a couch

Reason: I am a nester by nature

Matt and I need a shared space

We need a place for people to sleep when they visit.

Criteria: Big, Comfy, Overstuffed, room for at least 2 people to sit, small enough to fit in our apartment, pretty

The Plan: Draw one couch per day, and sell for 1 dollar. The project will continue until I can buy a couch.