Every Purchase Pays an Artist. Simple, but Huge.
Coco Chanel Chair (Day 15)
Coco Chanel Chair (Day 15)
6.5x7in Drawing, Pen on paper

The inspiration for this drawing is YNotdesign's "My Coco Chanel Chair"

Goal: Buy a couch

Reason: I am a nester by nature

Matt and I need a shared space

We need a place for people to sleep when they visit.

Criteria: Big, Comfy, Overstuffed, room for at least 2 people to sit, small enough to fit in our apartment, pretty

The Plan: Draw one couch per day, and sell for 1 dollar. The project will continue until I can buy a couch.

Buy this drawing on etsy http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?...d=39171039