Beer Features - May
Beer Features - May
So the bar that I work at rotates beer (as with most bars) depending on the season, price, and all those other things that is off topic. To keep the public aware of these changes, and so employees don't have to rattle them off to everyone who walks in, (thank god) we have a massive chalk board list them. This list changes monthly. I volunteered myself for the task of drawing this board. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to take a picture of last month's. Here is May's.


Andrew Ken Stewart commented on May 6, 2012 9:36am
cool! i wish there were more bars around where I used to live that had creative boards like this
Grant Sauer commented on May 8, 2012 11:44am
Thanks AKS! I appreciate it. Just trying to add some character to the place. Not that it was lacking it before, but a little extra couldn't hurt.
Andre Villanueva commented on June 12, 2012 7:55pm
They look great!
Grant Sauer commented on June 13, 2012 9:17am
Thanks Andre!
Jenny Beez commented on June 21, 2012 8:45pm
Unbelievable! I wish I had these in my home.
Grant Sauer commented on June 24, 2012 12:52pm
Thanks Jen!