About Hannah Maria

Hannah Maria is an Artist and Designer. She has been painting and drawing since she first stole her mother's Paloma Picasso Red Lipstick. She drew her name "Hannah Hannah Hannah" Covering the wall near her top bunk. She then promptly blamed her little brother. She is not a good liar.
Years later she is still painting in paloma red, as well has having 6 years of design experience. She has yet to learn
to be a good liar, but has stopped giving her brother credit for her art.
Hannah lives in St. Louis with her genius drummer boyfriend, and her Pig/cow/shark pup named Aja Thug Jesus, the vicious Blackburn. Follow Hannah on multiple social networks and make something beautiful with her.
Hannah Maria joined Society6 on July 2, 2012. Verified on August 16, 2012.