All photos or artwork displayed and sold here, are original works/photos by me Ulf Härstedt, and protected by copyright.

Swedish photographer and artist with a special relationship with our beautiful nature. And especially our moody forests.

Early morning fog and you will most likely find me wandering around in the forest with my camera gear. Trying to capture the emotions of our nature, and evetually transfer it to artworks in the end.

Every purchase isn´t just a cool new purchase in your home, you´re also supporting me as an independent photographer/artist. And help me to continue to evolve as an artist/photographer and deliver more nature/wanderlust artworks in the future.

All my works is dedicated to my son Melvin.

/Ulf Härstedt

http://www.happymelvin.se pappa@happymelvin.se

https://instagram.com/happy_melvin https://twitter.com/HappyMelvin https://www.facebook.com/happymelvin2011

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