The Healing Tarot

Artist and Modern Medicine Lady Jennifer Elizabeth Moore began her creation of the Healing Tarot on April Fool’s day in 1989 as a way to honor the Divine and integrate life lessons that each card contains. So with each card's manifestation, a unique message of healing was delivered. Conceived and lovingly crafted as an act of prayer and devotion: this deck incorporates the use of original masks, body art, ritual and sacred spaces throughout New England. Each beautiful image was created on a single sheet of 4”x5” film using only lighting techniques and multiple exposures to achieve any special effects. No digital manipulation or darkroom retouching techniques were used to make these magical images. This unique body of work was originally released on Halloween 1997 as a signed and numbered premier edition of 1000 decks. Though the original printing of the deck is long sold out, prints of each card are now available here for the first time.

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Tapestries by The Healing Tarot

the World Wall Tapestry
the World Wall Tapestry
by The Healing Tarot