About Grace

Grace is delicious candy. Grace is elegant art. Grace is tropical life. Grace is my lovely mom. Grace is the best of YOU.
Original and trendy items developed in partnership with Society6 by a designer who loves illustration and to turn his many ideas into beautiful creations.

We’re on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hellogracedesign! Tag our profile in the photos of your Grace belongings. Grace is happy to say Hello back to you! : )

A few ideas for the perfect graceful surprise:
- Your boyfriend: BOHO Throw Pillow by Grace
- Your girlfriend: MARBLE AND CORAL iPhone Case by Grace
- Your brother: OLIVE iPhone Case by Grace
- Your sister: BANANA LEAVES Tote Bag by Grace
- Your mother: MIXOLOGY iPad Case by Grace
- Your father: GOLDEN AUTUMN Travel Mug by Grace
- Your niece: DOTS Notebook by Grace
- Your bedroom: CACTUS Framed Art Print by Grace
- Your beach house: TROPICAL LOVE Comforter by Grace
- Yourself: (let Grace know! ; ) )
Grace joined Society6 on February 15, 2013. Verified on February 15, 2013.