Honey Malek

About Honey Malek

Southern California girl who grew up between the ocean, mountains and the desert in a magical place called the “Valley”. You’ve probably heard of the place through song and in films because in the 1980’s it was the place to be! I had a great childhood and have tremendous love for not only the valley, but all of Southern California. I love all things vintage and retro and have been inspired by the old neon signs that made my city so long ago. In addition, I’m a road trip junkie, heliophile and addicted to all things abandoned, rusty, forgotten, ugly and old. I also collect art and was drawn to this site initially as a buyer rather than a seller. I welcome all followers and love to promote the work of all artists in all mediums.

THANK YOU to all of you who've purchased merchandise with my images on them. I came here as a buyer almost a year ago, then decided to post some of my own work just to see the response I'd get. To my surprise, I got more than I bargained for. Not only have I done great in sales, I even obtained a 2-year licensing contract with an agency. If you're an emerging artist, this is a great site to get exposure, make friends and if you're lucky, make a few bucks. Thank you again for all the support!!
Honey Malek joined Society6 on December 26, 2012.