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Hooey Batiks

About Hooey Batiks

What is Batik?
Batik is a traditional Asian art with origins in India, Indonesia & China. The word is Malay and means 'wax writing.' The batik process involves painting on cloth with melted wax using a tjanting, a special tool similar to a fountain pen, and, then dyeing the material. The wax-covered areas resist the dye except where the hardened wax has cracked, producing the crackled, spider web effect that is characteristic of batik. The waxing and dyeing can be repeated as many times as the artist wishes. The greater the number of repetitions, the greater the number of possible colors and intricacy of the design. Alternatively, the wax can be completely removed and reapplied in different areas to get an even broader spectrum of colors.The wax can be removed by ironing the fabric between sheets of newspaper or repeatedly rinsing it in boiling water -- over and over and over. Batik is a sloppy, waxy mess and it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the bright, colorful designs hiding under all those layers of wax.

Who is Hooey Batiks?
I am Jill Miller, an artist living in Urbana IL where I learned how to batik in an art class at the University of Illinois over 20 years ago. I was immediately addicted! Since 1992, I’ve been exhibiting my batiks at art shows and festivals.

I work primarily on clothing, but also sew pillows, scarves, wall hangings and lampshades. I use a wide range of fabrics- cotton t-shirts, muslin for quilts, linen for wrap skirts, and velvet for lush shimmery scarves.

Many of my designs are nature oriented: leaves, plants, animals. Other ideas are just plain silly. Sometimes I simply have fun with the ridiculous! I love playing with various color combinations, coming up with fun new designs, and just enjoying my work

All Hooey Batiks designs are original. Because no two dye baths are the same, the colors and color combinations are always different. And because I wax items individually, by hand, the designs vary, making each batik a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable or usable art.

Where can you find me?
(First, check my backyard where I may be weeding, playing with the chickens or preparing the smoker for another batch of home-smoked sausages.)
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Hooey Batiks joined Society6 on December 4, 2012.