Yousef Balat @ Hoop Snake Graphics LLC

I am an imagist.

Illustrating life, both real and imagined.

Within my work I hold to the importance of narrative through the image as the ancients did before me. Beyond that, I paint for knowledge of self and of humanity – the quality of being human, subject to its weaknesses, imperfections, and fragility.

Within a world where paradoxes coexist, I am compelled to look beyond the surface of society to understand both the individual and collective human psyche to find the place where the narratives of human history reside.

Myths, Fables, and Tales play with truth relative to collective experience. These stories do not show a history of facts and figures but the human thoughts and feelings of each era. By utilizing archetypes these narratives through the guise of entertainment reinforce rules and norms of specific cultures. Yet the myth/fable has also been used to attempt societal change, adapting the familiar and altering it into an observation or critique of culture.

Throughout my life, story has been and remains key in my intellectual, emotional and artistic life; exploring the historical gamut of visual story telling from the nuances of portraiture to the grandiose epic of history and mythology painting.

feel free to contact me via my website.

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