Year of the Tiger
Year of the Tiger
This piece was an attempt to make use of one of the first things that I did in Illustrator about 4 years ago, which was left floundering in the depths of my computer. I completely reworked the image as the data was in a horrendous state. I think that Illustrator for the uninitiated is almost impossible to comprehend, though I love using it now. It showed me how much I have taught myself over the years.

I had originally intended the illustration to be for my friend's band Eenik once again, hence the new logo at the bottom (designed by the front man himself). However after contemplation we decided that it doesn't really fit in with the other stuff I've been doing for them.

Either way it was a good exercise. I pushed my computer to the limit with all kinds of grunge and weathering techniques. These kinds of effects are always very tricky and unnatural in Illustrator (a lot easier in Photoshop), but I feel that I had a pretty good go at it at least.

I may see what this image looks like superimposed onto a photo of an old wooden door or something, just as an experiment. If it looks any good I'll post that too at a later date.