About Beni hourevolution

hourevolution.org has been built from my vision of unifying the grit and vivacity of fine arts with the polish and intricacy of computer arts.

From the first day as my compositions of paint and pencil and metal found their way onto the computer’s canvas, I have witnessed the resurrection of lines, curves and textures into a form all their own, creating a synthesis of two rich and colorful worlds.

My delving into the world of sound has also given way to an element that adds its own voice to the work that is inspired within me.

It is this fine partnering of the visual and the aural that I bring to any project, along with the keen knowledge that the vision of one’s eye, any vision, will find its own way to manifest.

I value communication, without which any vision may simply remain but a vision.

I do not look to any work as just work, but as an opportunity to become a realization of a dream.

Quality is what I seek in every interaction. I believe that it is the interaction of these elements that gives birth to the most radiant entities.

let’s create & collaborate, beni
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