All images copyright Hugo Barros

Evocative of that heady post-1968 period of architectural exploration, the collages of Lisbon-based artist Hugo Barros recharge the legacy of psychedelic graphics in the representation of built form. Some of these collages feature floating surfaces of a giant scale, recalling Superstudio’s Earth-devouring Continuous Monument. Others superbly juxtapose disaster and architectural stability, challenging structural equilibrium and suggesting kinetic buildings.

Besides the subject matter, the collages are graphically compelling due to their achievement of complexity through the use of only two to three component images. Angular forms strike off obliquely from the viewer, plunging into cities or blocking out the moon. Here, the artist seems to be introducing the type of dynamic composition often seen in the work of the Constructivists or the Futurists. This is the type of art that makes us all wish we were as talented. See more images below, as well as on Hugo Barros’s tumblr.