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About Zero Bounty

My name is Andres Quintana I'm a Graphic Artist/Designer from Southern California I've been a Graphic Designer for 5 years and an Artist since birth. Upon entering High School my skills progressed though I had no direction in which to take my talents. I soon discovered the world of Design finding it to be very creative & fascinating during my 4 years there I had finally found what I wanted to do Design. Once I graduated & entered college I found new inspiration, experiences & was also able to see 1st hand the inner workings of the industry I was about to enter. After a few short years my college days had came & pasted. I set out with a far greater understanding of my desire to create hasn't changed only the tools for which I use to create with have grown in sophistication. Now on top of finding a job i found that once i started working that I was having a tough time holding these jobs it was then that i discovered my problem wasnt my creativity or my skills or even experience it was that up untll now i was creating for myself instead of my client but once I cracked that shell it was as if everything had suddenly fallen into place as if finally walking out of this tunnel & seeing the suns majestic light for the 1st time & with that I have set flight to destinations unknown where the sky is not limit but the route
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