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About Idle Mind Devils Studio

Hello Beautiful World! It’s a pleasure having you visit from wherever you are sitting :)

Flashback 13 years, paying no attention to whatever the teacher was teaching. Too busy drawing giant sperm monsters invading the cross-section of the uterus in my biology textbook. I lied. Actually, it was my friend’s textbook. I didn’t want my parents to see what a perv I was (am).

School was pretty much like prison, so my best friend and I spent most of the time there documenting our disturbed minds in a series of comics. We were caught and warned many times but we pretty much told the teachers what they wanted to hear and proceeded not to give a flying fudge. Those were good days of badly-drawn short stories about travelling back in time to commit unknowing incest to end up being your own mother, sexually frustrated fish princes and skeletons flashing their boners. Those times didn’t last and we were sent straight to the principal’s office to have the creativity beaten out of us.

I told you guys this will be a short story, so long story short, we had the bejesus scared out of our impressionable little minds with threats of being blacklisted, never to enter a decent university. I believe “Warped”, “Perverse”, and “Deviant” were the choice catholic words of that afternoon, and the very beginnings of what was to influence my work today.

Fast forward 11 years. If inspiration was the devil, one must have an idle mind to let him in. Forget about the church definition of the devil. This devil I speak of is the exhilaration of a new idea, the whisper that provokes you to push boundaries, break taboos. It sniggers at your work and taunts you to do even better. It blinds you with visions beyond your comprehension and inflames you with passion to infuse your creations with blood, sweat and sleepless nights to see them through. This devil on my shoulder that I used to be so ashamed of while growing up, is now what empowers me. What reminds me that life is too short to care about impressions and that art is all about raw, visceral expression. Flaws and all.

That said, welcome to my studio. The devil says hi :)
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