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IdN v18n4: Mono Graphics
IdN v18n4: Mono Graphics
IdN v18n4: Mono Graphics
Colour Toning

It is not nostalgia-design, though some of it has a decidedly old-fashioned feel to it, and it is not minimalist design as such, except when it comes to the use of colour. It is what has become known as mono-graphics — where because of budgetary restraints or a self-imposed restriction, the design is printed in only one or two colours. Mono-graphics doesn't have to mean monotonous. Less colour often makes for more context. We got 9 experts in this issue to demonstrate the incredible visual strength that can be created by using just one or two hues.

Alexander Lis | Andre Gallo | Fifty And Fifty | Heath Killen | Hello Poster | Luke Insect Studio | Marius Roosendaal | Raw Color | Stephen Kelleher

Press pack available here:

IdN Video v18n4: Infographics
Bringing bald facts to life

Motion infographics are to be found everywhere – on the Internet, in TV commercials and programmes, and in educational films. Their basic goal is to help the viewer digest the information presented to them as painlessly, indeed pleasurably, as possible. But how do their designers set about them? How do they absorb all the material they need to understand before deciding how to demonstrate it? And to what extent does the type of data to be illustrated affect the visual outcome? We have selected more than 30 brilliant infographic motion works, movies and animations, to show you how lively and aesthetically pleasing such instructional efforts can be.

110 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
8 page Frenchfold insert


Graphic Design