IdN v19n1: Invitation Design
IdN v19n1: Invitation Design
IdN v19n1: Invitation Design

Whether it happens to be what they specialize in, or something that they are only called upon to undertake from time to time, almost all designers enjoy putting together the collateral for a meaningful private event. The freedom from the often suffocating demands of a commercial brief are part of the attraction, as is the satisfaction that comes from giving immediate pleasure to people and being temporarily welcomed into their world. In this issue, we have sought the opinions of 21 creative units on how to make that very personal party go with a bang!

Accent Creative | Benjamin Della Rosa | Bird and Banner | Erin Jang | Ian Collins | Ice Cream Social | Imar Krige | Kelli Anderson | Kymera | LSDK | MusaWorkLab | Papermade Design | Perky Bros | Rory Sutherland | Sarah Thorne | Smokeproof Press | Studio on Fire | The Hungry Workshop | Three Steps Ahead | Toben | Tom Froese

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IdN Video v19n1: High-End TVC
TLC is key to a good TVC

The amount of time, effort and money poured into a 30-60-second TV commercial these days can equivalate to that of a medium-budget feature film. Yet as the means of reaching a target market change with the proliferation of new communications technology, the reliance on big-money, big-star advertising could soon become a thing of the past — which is good news for innovative producers with compelling ideas, however niche. We have come up with a block-busting 50-plus examples of what their creators think is good TVC in the hope that you will be as inspired as they were.

106 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
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