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IdN v19n2: Sexual Graphics
IdN v19n2: Sexual Graphics
IdN v19n2: Sexual Graphics
Visual Orgasm

We're pretty sure we've already got your attention just with the use of that word "sexual" because nothing arouses so much interest or is capable of stirring up so much controversy. With the help of 11 top-flight practitioners who have flirted with the bare-all approach, we examine the pros and cons of using sex to spice up your portfolio – and present some eye-popping examples of their work to help you make up your mind about this ever-burning issue.

Autumn Whitehurst | David Alexander Slaager | Denzil & Siddhi | Erik Foss | Jamie McCartney | John Ryan Solis | Jorge Champrrp | Malika Favre | Michael Viviani | Mike Jeter | Who Killed Mickey

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IdN Video v19n2: Pause Fest
Now pause for Pause Fest

An exclusive peek behind the curtains at Melbourne's first major digital festival – seven event-filled days. Featuring 42 motion clips from top-of-the-class artists, some of whose works were exclusive to this show.

118 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
8 page Frenchfold insert

Graphic Design