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IdN v19n5: Interactive Design
IdN v19n5: Interactive Design
IdN v19n5: Interactive Design
Perfecting those Air to Surface Missiles

Designing the perfect digital tools and useful applications that end-users will want to embrace is the design world's new holy grail. We present the work and observations of 9 prestigious practitioners of this most cutting-edge end of the design field to show us how interaction design can be as functional as it is fun to use – and to discuss the challenges that it offers, as well as to predict some of the future paths it may take.

Jean-Christophe Naour | Josh Nimoy | Multitouch Barcelona | Nation | Snibbe Interactive | Sword & Sworcery | ToDo | Trafik | YesYesNo

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IdN Video v19n5: Hand-drawn
Motion with the hand-drawn

More and more motion-makers are having recourse to this most basic form of art to bring a certain special "something" to their movies. This time-consuming technique has now been done away with by digital technology. But traditional drawing ability still plays a vital role in computer animation. Here are 23 beautifully executed examples from 21 of the world's most talented exponents of combining traditional techniques with digital means.

112 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
8 page Frenchfold insert



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