IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue
IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue
IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue
Character Building

A good story, in any medium, is only as interesting as the characters in it. How do you invent a fictional being with which the whole world can identify? If we knew the answer we'd be millionaires, but there are plenty of people out there trying hard to come up with the next Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson. We talk to some of them about the difficulties and satisfactions of this challenge and ask them what advice they would give to someone starting out on the character-building path.

Craig&Karl | Din-Dong | Geneviève Gauckler | James Jarvis | Kevin Lyons | NC Empire | Sticky Monster Lab | Superdeux | Yum Yum

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IdN Video v19n6: Pattern/Symmetry
Symmetry and Pattern-making

The possibilities for symmetry and pattern-making in design are literally endless. Transforming mathematical measurements into aesthetically pleasing works of art is a task that increasing numbers of animators are setting themselves. We look at this latest trend in motion graphics through the eyes some of those who have become particularly adept at it.

96 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
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Graphic Design