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The Night Gardener
The Night Gardener
I'm thrilled to announce that "The Night Gardener", our very first picture book, will be available for pre-order on Amazon starting tomorrow! The story follows a boy, a mysterious gardener, and the awakening of a creative spirit.

Pictured here is the official cover. :) When the book is published in the Spring of 2016 I also plan on posting a selection of images from the book (including this wonderful cover) on Society6 to sell as art prints and canvas prints.

Endless thanks to our amazing editor, Christian Trimmer and art director Lizzy Bromley at Simon & Schuster for their invaluable creative input, insight, and inspiration; and as always, thanks and gratitude to our wonderful agent Kirsten Hall at the Catbird Agency for believing in this story and giving us so much encouragement along the way.

Night Gardener Update: It's finally on Amazon for pre-order, but my sincerest apologies, looks like it's only for the digital Kindle edition and not the hard-cover as I had thought.
Unfortunately even with the pre-order it's a long wait - if you opt for the Kindle edition it will be "auto-delivered to your Kindle on February 23, 2016". If you were planning on getting this, personally I'd wait until the hardcover is available, but for those of you that have a Kindle and don't mind or even prefer digital media this is certainly an option!