For “EH? by Ilseha” I create images that speak to the imagination. By mirroring the same picture several times and reassembling it, an entirely different image emerges. An image that is slightly enigmatic, which often lets one’s fantasy roam free. The overall symmetry adds a certain tranquility to the pieces, so they do not get too overwhelming to look at. Maybe because this symmetry is also slightly reminiscent of mandalas, images sometimes used to aid with meditation. The use of nature as the subject of the photographs enhances this calming effect, as it has been proven multiple times that nature has a healing effect on people! Besides that, studies have also shown that beautiful things have a positive effect on people’s mood and overall happiness. And the beauty that mother nature has to offer is second to none! The combination of all of these aspects make the pictures of “EH? by Ilseha” a special addition to your surroundings. And because every design is available in several different styles, there is bound to be one that suits you!

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