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About Isadora

Hello, I am Isa, short for Isadora and just easier for some to pronounce.

I'm a designer, photographer,mother and wife not exactly in the same order.
I live in New York City. I love this city and the feeling it gives me. I also love photography, old buildings, art of all kinds, Netflix, chocolate, Typography, music,dancing, the smell of sweet roasted peanuts, etc............
I have a Associates degree in Graphic Design and 3d animation, and I currently work as a freelance photographer, retouch-er and Graphic Designer.

Also, I want to travel the world and learn every language i possibly can and since
I am already bilingual (Spanish/English) why not keep adding to the list and
coming from a Latin background and having a father that loves to travel I was able to visit countries like Colombia, Brasil,Ecuador,Mexico and travel all over my beautiful country Venezuela, where I was born.
My mother is from Venezuela and my Father and paternal family are from Cali,Colombia..... Two beautiful countries!
Isadora joined Society6 on June 13, 2012. Verified on June 13, 2012.