Jackie Little Miller

I enjoy being creative in so many ways and I am always wanting to learn how to paint, build, sew, draw, or create something new. I love writing poetry and songs and singing out loud whenever possible. I love life and am inspired by the beautiful creation all around me. I am particularly excited by faces. People are all such works of art. While God is the ultimate artist, I enjoy spending my time trying to recreate His works the way I see them. If I am talking on the phone I am doodling, if I am having a conversation with you I am mentally painting your face at the same time, making note of the angles, lines and shading and looking for that one thing that makes your eyes sparkle with excitement.

I especially like drawing expressions, mainly laughter! I love laughter and live my life with the attitude of laughing at my mistakes and probably even yours. I feel that life is to short to hold on to grudges and bad emotions. Those things bog down your life and blind us from seeing the true beauty in life. I know that bad things happen, I have had my fill of bad things in my life, but God has always seen me through. So I live my life expecting Him to keep seeing me through! I truly want my art to make people feel happy and blessed to be alive!~ My Father once wrote a poem that made a huge impression on my life. In it he wrote the lines " People's lives are changed by things we say and do, and they'll will be worse or better because they once knew you." This is my life's creed! And I want you to leave feeling blessed after an encounter with me, Never worse.

Being a Godly wife, Mother and Granny are the most important thing in the world to me. While I am Successful at many things in my life, being a reflection of Christ's love to the people in my life is my hearts desire above all else.

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