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In which I somehow have a gallery
In which I somehow have a gallery
Yeah. It’s best not to question it, lest our incredulity frightens it out of existence. But as I type this, I have indeed come into possession of a small art gallery to hang my art and pretend I know anything about how to run a gallery.

I named it Fancy Pigeon Gallery. Again, it's best not to question it.

Like all healthy people, I have come to treat the number of ‘likes’ as units of self worth, as I stare at the screen hitting refresh. So I would be dizzy with excitement if any of you should come ‘like’ the facebook page

Thus affirming my existence.

For your efforts, you will, in time, be awarded with giveaways of T-shirts and art prints and things of the like.

Also, if having your art exhibited in a small New Zealand art gallery has been your life-long dream, do get in touch with me:
and we can perhaps make your oddly specific dream a reality!


brenda erickson commented on August 7, 2012 5:07am
"Thus affirming my existence" - what a great line!! We tend to think like that, don't we? Needing exterior validation of our talent, our choice to expose our inner thoughts to people through media...

External validation refuses to materialize in my world. I am most definitely envious; but not too much so to not genuinely wish you success with this endeavor. Best wishes. Bren
J.P Ormiston commented on August 7, 2012 6:50pm
Thank you so much Brenda. I know that feeling well!
I just checked out your lovely work. You are well talented :)
I have no doubt you will get the validation you deserve
zoe quixote commented on August 8, 2012 7:12am
oh! congratulations!! consider this a pile of "likes" :) you create a fantastic world with your drawings, i'm sure the gallery will be a wondrous place!
J.P Ormiston commented on August 8, 2012 1:21pm
thanks you muchly zoe!