In which I'm a proper swanky businessman and I will destroy all evidence to the contrary
In which I'm a proper swanky businessman and I will destroy all evidence to the contrary
My business cards arrived! huzzah!
Now to force them upon unsuspecting strangers at swanky social gatherings... aaaaaall those social gatherings that I attend....

I initially only bought these because the very persuasive people at vistaprint sent me some sort of coupon, offering me some seemingly amazing discount. I tend to ignore emails that try make me buy things, but this one came with a very pronounced time limit. I'm a sucker for deals that have a time limit. I lose all perspective, and instead of seeing a very generic deal that is offered to everybody on a regular basis, I see a once in a life time opportunity that I will regret missing until my dying day. It also has an element of the ticking-time-bomb trope to it. Who knows what awful awful things could happen if I let it expire?!

I chose to let the time very nearly expire before making the purchase. We're talking down to an hour or so. Its how I get my thrills.
My approach to most deadlines is to ignore them until the very last minute, then attack them with unrivaled determination, and continue in this fashion until I'm overcome by caffeine addled apathy. What ever stage I am at when this happens, is the final product.
The downside to this approach is that I ended up working on it all night and it was 5am before I uploaded my final design. It was like being in art school again.
Given these less than ideal conditions, I'm actually pretty pleased with the final result.

I should also mention that as you try to complete the purchase on the website, innumerable tacky but still compelling ads flood your screen telling you 'FOR 10 MINUTES ONLY, GET ANOTHER 250 CARDS FOR $16.'
So of course, the aforementioned switch went off in my brain, and I am now the proud owner of twice as many cards than I could ever hope to use. On top of this I also ended up purchasing magnets, and a shiny card holder, because they flashed at me in a similar fashion. I have a problem ok?!
I think this story serves the dual purpose of explaining how I came to have a business card, and also approaches the issue of why I'm not allowed near boxing-day sales without the supervision of a proper adult.

Farewell til next week.


Grace Sandford commented on March 10, 2013 7:43am
These are fantastic business cards, they're beautiful! :)
Megs stuff commented on March 10, 2013 7:51am
Excellent card design!!!
J.P Ormiston commented on March 10, 2013 2:45pm
Thank you kind people!