In which my vacuous, sleep deprived ramblings are expressed through text.
In which my vacuous, sleep deprived ramblings are expressed through text.
I couldn't decide if I should begin this post with another apology for it's lateness, or if I should ignore it completely and get straight into what i've been keeping myself occupied with for the last week or so. Neither seemed sufficient. Apologies make me seem conceited, as though I think people are in anyway concerned with when I post. And jumping straight into what I've been doing would only serve to emphasize how little I've achieved this week. Much better to flesh out a word-count with a laboured meta analysis of the internal conflict that comes with starting a post, yes? We're all agreed? lovely. On to the riveting weekly adventure I suppose....
My girlfriend Natasha, who I have been living with for the pass year and a half, Has had to return to Australia to complete her university studies. Whats with these people who actually finish their degrees huh? I don't understand it. I managed to sky rocket my way to my much-envied position of some-guy-who-stands-by-an-embroidery-machine-all-day, with only half a psychology degree, and half an art degree! but some people just aren't satisfied with the dizzying fame and fortune that comes with such a position.... So yeah, needless to say it's a bit of a sad time. But I'm keeping busy. Sewing pockets to shirts, and designing a business card, has taken up the bulk of my time. Yeah thats right, I apparently consider myself so important that I deem it necessary to have my name and number printed on pretty card, in anticipation of the hordes of people that will no doubt be clambering for my contact details when I become a famous something or other.
Also, before natasha left, we had a play around with the chromablast printer at work. Basically its a fancy heat transfer. So we made some space-kitty apparel for her friend. They came out pretty cute. I probably need more space cats in my life.
Ok, sleep is starting to take over my brain. That makes this the arbitrary end of this post. I'm even going to be a little crazy and not read it through before hitting 'publish this'. There might be typos. There might misused apostrophes that imply possession rather than plural. But that's just the kind of crazy cat I am.

until next time,



brenda erickson commented on February 27, 2013 4:35am
This was hysterical. I'm thinking I should get some business cards too; I may be on the verge of perfecting my adequate-ness. Being perfectly adequate...now that is an achievement.
J.P Ormiston commented on March 9, 2013 9:59pm
you should! they are fun. Well. they are fun until you get to that point very early in the morning when you can't decide if the text should be 7pt or 7.2pt, and maybe the logo should be 0.5 mm to the left.... etc etc....