Defying gravity (Erika Janunger / David Grehn)

Sort of magic !
I very much like the idea behind this movie - not only an amazing dance performance, but most of all a demonstration of our unability to read an image without referring to our common sense, our habits or even our education.
We understand the image as it shows, so we can sweetly get carried away by our fooled senses - do not resist to it !

A short dance/architectural movie, about defying gravity.

In bedroom Malin Stattin
In livingroom Tuva Lundkvist

Directed byErika Janunger
Scenografy Erika Janunger
Photogray and light David Grehn
Costume Johanna Adebck
Hair and Makeup Klara Janunger
Editing Josefine Truedsson
Postproduction Gustaf Holmsten

Music/ Lyrics-
and Vocals Erika Janunger
PercussionPontus Langendorf
Keyharp Erik Rydvall
SaxophonesNis Bckvall
Produced byHenrik Svensson