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Solar Pop
Solar Pop
A few pictures from a serie downtown Brussels, a 'day without car' , some months ago,


Hot summer day

Hot summer day

Justin Cooper commented on March 15, 2009 4:36pm
Jean Marc, I would love to learn a little more about your process. Without giving away the secret formula, can you describe how you get this aesthetic? Is it on film or plates? Very cool
JeanMarc commented on March 16, 2009 12:45am
Thank you Justin.
Actually, these are digital images. All the pictures I posted here, so far (also the 'copper oxid' series) are 'solarized' first, for a mix of negative/positive aspect. Then I do apply some color treatment - either a duotone treatment for the 'copper oxid' serie, or a 'hue/saturation' non linear shifting (and stuff like that) for this one.

The difficulty here is more in keeping a visual coherence throughout a serie, than in applying the treatment.

Also, my concern with the treatment, is to make it somehow attractive to walk through the image as to discover the details of its content that makes it interesting.
You know, these are very ordinary pictures; no special lightning or other visual interest beside their content.
I guess a classical BW treatment would do it , however I wanted something less 'classical' (?). The risk, for the photographer, is to get caught by the treatment itself, and lose the primary concern, which should remain 'the image content'.
I worked a lot on balancing both aspects and I hope I did not too bad ?
Justin Cooper commented on March 16, 2009 10:03am
Cool, thanks for sharing. Definitely need to find that balance, solid.
Wayne Edson Bryan commented on July 30, 2012 11:36am
Really wwwonderful! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆! ;-)