Jeffrey J. Irwin

Art to me is about a lot of things. Foremost it is about the journey.

But to me it is also about beauty, ugliness, emotion, starkness, color, fluidity, message, texture, story, style, contrast, subtlety, statement, lack of subtlety.

It truly is in the eye of the beholder.

I find myself constantly conflicted and look at all these wonderful artists that have a very particular style that they are constantly working to perfect. I can appreciate that and as such as modern society loves styles and trends that fits well.

I don't fit well but try to do well. To me that sounds completely and perfectly boring. I do not want to do one thing but work on doing many. I am not a niche though I'd love to fill many.

Please enjoy my photos, landscapes, mountains, skulls, patterns, paintings, comic-like art, digital paintings, black and whites, surreal images, ironic images, comical images, dark arts, industrial images, expressions,what the hell images, statements, quick captures, portraits, and anything else I may create and share. Or don't. And if you don't please enjoy others images in the areas you are looking for.

My name is Jeff. Currently I live in Oregon.

I am not good at marketing though hope to get better because I recognize my talent.

We all have within us the capacity for wonderful or at least interesting things and I need to get mine out.

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Jeffrey J. Irwin's Store


Jeffrey J. Irwin's Store

Hood With Cap Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print
Hood With Cap
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Dame From Buxom Street Art Print
Art Print
Dame From Buxom Street
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Disintegration (Falling Apart) Throw Pillow
Throw Pillow
Disintegration (Falling Apart)
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Caisleán Grove Poison Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain
Caisleán Grove Poison
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Harvest Moon Throw Pillow
Throw Pillow
Harvest Moon
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Moored in the Mist Coaster
Moored in the Mist
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Morning Sickness Wall Tapestry
Wall Tapestry
Morning Sickness
by Jeffrey J. Irwin
Hopeless, Abandoned, and Alone Under Grey Snow Filled Sky Stationery Cards
Stationery Cards
Hopeless, Abandoned, and Alone Under Grey Snow Filled Sky
by Jeffrey J. Irwin