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About Jemina Venter

As an unabashed, avid reader (aka booknerdfangirl), my art is heavily inspired by my favourite novels, as well as favourite characters from film & TV. I get crazy inspired to paint characters from a great number of fictional worlds & characters created by amazing authors, writers, artists & filmmakers and find it difficult to balance reading & watching these amazing characters and spending time painting them!

I am currently studying for my Diploma of Graphic Design at CATC and working on opening my online store.

For a little bit of random; I also compulsively sing aloud (& desperately off-key) whenever listening to music in the car, equally crave & fear feedback to the point where I *may* refresh constantly after posting a piece of art & am very happy to display more than a little bit of the ridiculous about my person & character, often at my own expense.

Follow me on tumblr, deviantART, instagram and twitter as 'jeminabox.'
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