Jessica Johnson

Jessica creates vibrant oil paintings of the landscapes and nature that surround her home in Oregon and permeate her adventures. Her work is all about conveying emotion and the feelings a landscape evokes when you are immersed in its beauty. Whether hiking through a redwood forest, sitting by the shoreline of a mountain lake, or watching a coastal sunset, Jessica hopes her work captures the emotional connection we have to these beautiful places.

Jessica’s paintings have been described as vibrant, emotional, exhilarating, expressive, colorful, dynamic, energetic, peaceful, captivating, and masterful. She works using bold colors and expressive brushstrokes, with a keen eye for natural beauty and the movement of light and color over a landscape. She paints what she feels and works to translate that emotion onto her canvases. Working from photographs and memories of her travels, she uses oil paint to create works of art that serve as love letters to the landscapes they represent.

“From my earliest backpacking trips as a young kid with my Dad, I felt passionate about the outdoors and deeply connected to nature. With my work I want to honor the importance and communicate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me and filled me with wonder as a child.” @jessicaoncanvas

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